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Title block management
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Monday, 19 April 2021

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Title Block Manager also supports ProjectWise.

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Easy title block management


Purpose of Title Block Manager

Have MicroStation V7, V8 V8/XM and V8i title blocks that you need to make changes to, but don’t have time to do it manually? Axiom’s Title Block Manager is the complete title block management system that ensures the consistency of the look and content of your project title blocks, by automating batch changes to them.

Abe Arollo of Aztec Engineering in Arizona, talks about how he was able to reduce costs and improve productivity with Title Block Manager.

Manage pre-existing MicroStation title blocks

MicroStation Title Block Manager can intelligently read a batch of design files and distinguish between elements in the design and those in the title block. Once the MicroStation title block elements are found, Title Block Manager finds the values within the title block and attaches a Title Block Manager-specific linkage to them. This feature dramatically cuts down the time it takes to perform mundane tasks like modifying sheet numbers or adding revision data into a title block.

Update MicroStation title blocks from Excel or Access

Title Block Manager creates a link between MicroStation title block information in MicroStation and either an Excel spreadsheet or an Access table. This link allows for the automatic updating of title block data from changes made to the spreadsheet or database and vice versa. For example, you can automatically update sheet numbers throughout a project when you add a new sheet mid-project.

MicroStation title block templates

MicroStation title blocks templates are stored as cells in a cell library by Title Block Manager, which allows you to easily access these cell libraries from its main dialog box. By using templates, you can ensure the consistency of the look of your title blocks.

Components of Title Block Manager

TBAdmin's main dialog box

MicroStation Title Block Administrator’s main dialog box

MicroStation Title Block Administrator is utilized for all batch processing and for the initial creation of each title block cell.

TBClient’s main dialog box

MicroStation Title Block Client’s main dialog box

All MicroStaion title block cells in a design file are placed, modified and listed using Title Block Client .

With MicroStation Title Block Client, you can select a title block from a pre-approved list of title blocks and, using a wizard-like process, easily fill in the data.

Summary of Features Table

Title Block Manager | MicroStation V7 Version 4.6, V8 Version 8.10

Feature Supported

MicroStation V7, V8, V8/XM and V8i compatible
ProjectWise support
Update MicroStation title block information from Excel spreadsheets and Access tables
Export MicroStation title block information from Excel spreadsheets and Access tables
Easily sort data inside your Excel spreadsheet or Access database
MicroStation title block content can be edited with standard MicroStation edit tools or Title Block Manager tools
Works with referenced borders
Automatically edit existing MicroStation title block information
Automatic update of information in multiple design files and in multiple models
Ability to have pre-filled default values
Populate or update entire title block with one click of a button
Interface can be used to place text and cells freehand
Bi-directional synchronization
Administrator interface
View and edit all dialog items without having to scroll interface
Places MicroStation title blocks as regular cells, shared cells or simple elements
Can place file name, full file path or other data from MicroStation configuration variables automatically into title blocks
Generates drawing lists and project reports automatically from title block information that are saved to an Excel spreadsheet
One-click access to the Excel or Access database
In-depth log file which shows how and what information was process and changed
Configurable database using MicroStation workspaces
Title block field values are modified instantly through <Shift-Right Click>
Select multiple rules files for upgrading different types of title blocks
Upgrade existing title block cells by replacing them with new Title Block Manager title block cells

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